Thursday, October 11, 2012

Letter Cc
 We focused on cowboys for letter Cc.  We always dress up on Cowboy Day.  The kids have a ton of fun.

Pattern Block Mat

 We used pattern blocks to make our cowboy's horse.  The kids always enjoy using these blocks.

Counting clip Cards

 The counting clip cards are good practice for number recognition as well as counting using one-to-one correspondence.  

Pattern Mats

 We had just introduced patterning, so this was just a simple AB pattern.  Since we were on letter Cc, and focusing on cowboys, we used foam cowboy beads to make the patterns.  What made this center successful was the plastic tweezers I added.  The kids loved using them to fish the beads out of the cup. 

Number Sequence Cards

These small cards are used to sequence numbers from 1-20.  Each child gets a bag of number cards and a cookie sheet.  Everyone has their own work space.  It works out great!

Number Mat
 The number mat is used with a cookie sheet and a tub of number magnets.  I use a paint pen and write the numbers on button magnets from Walmart.  Kids love magnets, so this center is always a hit.  I just change the mat for whatever letter we are focusing on.  Simple center!

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