Classroom Tips

So on this page, I am going to include a hodge-podge of things that have helped my classroom run smoother.

1.  Center time can be crazy.  I call it organized chaos!  The organization of my centers is what makes them or breaks them.  My kids are divided into five groups of 3-4 students each.  Visuals on the board show my kids what group they are in.  There are red bears, blue bears, yellow bears, red bears, and purple bears.  Tabletop visuals let them know daily where to go.  I rotate the the tabletop bears daily.   I just got these plastic photo frames for $1.00 and added these bulletin board bears.  They work great!

Tabletop Center Markers

2.   I try very hard to keep my room neat and organized--you have to be organized with a room full of five-year olds!  Since our centers are changed out weekly for reading and math, I had alot of center stuff.  I had them in large plastic containers from Walmart, but it was still difficult to keep everything for each center together, until I found these great heavy-duty plastic bags from the dollar store.  They are perfect for my centers.  I just put everything in the big bag and label it.  Then the bags go in the big plastic container.  Try them.  You can find them at your local Dollar Tree.  The best part......they are only a dollar for three sturdy bags. 

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