These alphabet mats are used with cookie sheets and button   magnets.  Just use a white paint pen and write the letters on the magnets.  Match capital to capital, lowercase to lowercase, or capital to lowercase. 

Easter Capital Mat
Easter Lowercase Mat


  Alphabet clip cards are put together the same way as beginning sound clip cards.  Students can match capital to capital, lowercase to lowercase, or capital to lowercase, depending on ability level.
Lower to Lower
Capital to Capital
Capital to Lower

Beginning sound clip cards are used with regular clothes pins.  After clip cards are laminated and cut out, just punch a hole in the upper corner and ring cards together. 
Easter Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

Easter Tracing

 These tracing mats are used for fine motor practice.  The kids love using dry erase markers on them.  There are three pages of traceables.  I ring the three pages together. 

Easter Capital Mat 

This Easter mat is great for Sunday School.  I use the button magnets again.  Please note this mat needs two "s" magnets so you can spell Jesus.

Easter Sight Word Flash Cards

                                      Easter Sight Word Game

This sight word game is so much fun.  My kids don't even realize they are practicing their sight words.  I put the sight word cards in a pocket chart and hide the chocolate bunny cards behind certain words.  When a child reads that word he/she gets an Easter treat. 

         Alphabet Capital and Lowercase Letter Sort

This game is fun for the little ones.  I put a card stock pocket on the back of the baskets.  I have one labeled capital and one labeled lowercase. I don't know why the black box is showing on the basket, it's really not on there, CRAZY, but I wanted to show you a picture anyways.  The kids just sort the eggs into the appropriate basket.

                                       ABC Order Cards

This game uses sight word cards for the students to put into ABC order.  There are five different colors so the cards can be easily sorted.  My kids just put the cards in abc order and then write them down on the recording sheet.  When they finish doing one color, lots of times they want to do another color. 

                               Telling and Asking Center

This activity is great practice for reading sight words and punctuation.  I put magnets on the labels and the sentences so we can do it on my board.  There are about 40 different sentences for students to read and sort.  The kids can read most of their sight words now, so they feel so big to be able to read these sentences and figure out where they go.

                                    Punctuation Center

My kids really enjoy this game too.  I put a card stock pocket on the back of the baskets.  I have one labeled "Telling" and one labeled "Asking" .  The sight word sentences are printed on the Easter eggs.  The kids just read the sentences and sort the eggs into the appropriate basket.

Math Addition Clip Cards

                             Count By 5's

I put velcro on the mat and on the back of the cards, so students can manipulate the number cards and put them in order by counting 5's.

                                 Number Word Mats

 Kids love to play with magnets, so this center is always a hit!  The mats have the number words  printed on them.  I use a white paint pen to write the numbers 0-20 on the button magnets.  Then children practice number word recognition and match the numbers to the words.

 Number Word Sequence Cards

I put magnets on the back of these cards and students use a cookie sheet as their work space.  They sequence the cards in order from one to twenty.  There are at least 4 different egg styles, so the cards can be easily sorted.

Patterning Center

This set of pattern cards includes six sets of small cards for manipulation and eight different pattern combinations to make. Velcro dots keep everything together. 

Easter Place Value Clip Cards

Just laminate and cut, then ring these 16 cards together for an instant center.  Kids use regular clothes pins to clip the correct answers.

                           Place Value Mats

 Just laminate the mats and cards.  Cut the cards apart, so students can match numbers with place value cards.  Velcro on the mats and back of cards keeps everything together.

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