Alphabet Mats

You can find these alphabet mats at my TPT store!  Just print and laminate and you have an instant  center.  The mats are used with cookie sheets so the children have their own work space, and button magnets from Walmart. I just use a white paint pen and write the letters on the magnets.  Then let the children match the letters.  They can match capital to capital, lowercase to lowercase, or capital to lowercase. 

Castle Lowercase
Castle Capital
Farm Lowercase
Farm Lowercase
Farm Capital

Kitty Cat Capital
Kitty Cat Lowercase

Monkey Capital
Monkey Lowercase

Outer Space Capital
Outer Space Lowercase

Pirate Capital
Pirate Lowercase
Cowboy Capital
Cowboy Lowercase
Transportation Capital
Transportation Lowercase

Clown/ Circus Capital
Clown/Circus Lowercase
Gymnastics Capital
Gymnastics Lowercase

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