Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello friends,

As I promised, here are pictures from my farm centers.   I hope they are helpful. 

This is the fine motor element.  My kids really enjoy these.  I vary it up sometimes and say, "Today you are going to use at least three different colors," or "Choose two colors and make an AB pattern. 
Farm Tracing

These sequence cards work great for number order.   I just put magnets on the backs and use the cookie sheets.  Cookie sheets give kids their own work space.  It is easy clean-up too.  Since I usually have four or five students to a group, I usually try to make that many different sets of cards.  Like with these, I made goats, pigs and chickens.  That way if they do get mixed-up, (as we know they
will ),  they are easy for the kids to sort and put back in the right bag.
Farm Number Sequence Cards

The clip cards are fun too.  I usually clip them together with a ring, so the cards are not thrown all over the place.  We start out matching capital to capital letters and then lowercase to lowercase letters and then finally capital to lowercase letters.  The clothes pins are a good activity to strengthen fine motor skills too.
Farm Capital to Lower Clip Cards

 More clip cards.....  This time they count the animals and clip the correct number.
Farm Counting

 The alphabet mats are for sure one of my kids favorite things.  What five-year old doesn't like magnets???  Again, we use cookie sheets so the kids have their own work space, and I have more organization.  Just use a white paint pen and write the letters on the magnets.  I have capital and lowercase sets.  That way, students can match caps to caps, lower to lower, or capital to lower.
Farm Capital Mat

I hope these are helpful.  I will be adding LOTS of activities to my TPT store.  If you need anything  in particular,  just leave me a comment.

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